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COVID-19 Update 10th June 2021

  • Demonstrating Covid Status

The DHSC guidance on how people can demonstrate their vaccination status when travelling overseas has been updated to inform travellers that they can now  request a COVID-19 vaccination status letter to be posted to them via the NHS.UK website.

It should be noted that it will take up to 5 working days from the date of their second dose appointment before the system is updated so they  may need to wait 5 working days before you can use this service. One a request has been made it will then take up to 5 working days for the letter to be received. Here’s the link to the website for requesting the letter:

And the link to the guidance on demonstrating Covid Status:


  • Transport Use

Here’s DfT’s weekly figures on transport use which follow the usual patterns that have been established during the reopening:

    • Private Vehicle use is over 100% of normal on weekends when people are getting away
    • Network Rail usage remains below 50%
    • Use of the Tube in London remains just under the 50% mark
    • Bus use is around 65% of normal


  • GREAT Campaign Relaunched

The Government is launching a refreshed GREAT campaign as the UK prepares to take centre stage for the G7 and COP 26 summits this year. The campaign has refreshed branding refocuses that aims to highlight the UK’s distinctive edge as a diverse, innovative and collaborative global nation. The campaign has an annual budget of £60 million (unchanged from previously).


  • Tourism Recovery Plan

Just a quick note to say that it is expected that the Tourism Recovery Plan will be published this week so keep an eye out for it on the DCMS website
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