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COVID-19 Update 28th September 2021

Hosting Overseas Students

The guidance on hosting overseas students has been updated to say that a Higher Education or Further Education student under the age of 18 arriving into the country from a Red List country can undertake their quarantining with a host family rather than in a quarantine hotel. However, the host family household must isolate with the student for the full quarantine period.

New guidance has also been produced for students arriving in the county from Red List countries to attend boarding school.


Hardship Arrangements For Those Unable To Pay For Quarantine And Testing

The Government has published new guidance for people travelling to the UK from Red List countries who are not able to pay for Quarantine and testing requirements. In exceptionally limited circumstances, people may be eligible for a fee reduction or fee waiver if the travel is for essential purposes.

Essential travel includes:

    • work (where you’re returning from work that could not be completed in the UK)
    • education (including for students coming to study in the UK)
    • urgent medical treatment (where it cannot reasonably be obtained in the UK) and
    • compassionate reasons (for example, where you’ve been to visit a close family member who is dying or critically ill, to attend the funeral of a close family member or to avoid injury or illness or escape the risk of harm)

Hardship arrangements are only available to UK citizens or individuals with residency rights (for example, international students who possess a student visa) and depends on one or more of the following applying:

    • you have a household income of under £13,800
    • you and your household have no (or limited) savings
    • you have dependents and significant care-related expenses
    • you’re on income-related benefits
    • you’re above state pension age and are on a fixed income
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