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Latest Silver Travel Industry Report published

The Silver Travel Industry Report 2021 has been published by Silver Travel Advisor and includes some specific insights into coach tourism as a result of a partnership with CTA.

The latest consumer survey conducted on behalf of Silver Travel Advisor focused on the desire for consumers to take coach holidays in the wake of the Covid pandemic. The research was carried out during 2020, so it is important to note that it was before the current vaccine roll-out. However, there were some encouraging responses including more than half of those who have taken a UK coach holiday in the past willing to travel again in the next nine months, and a further 20% happy to return once vaccinated.

For overseas tours, there was a more cautious response although more than half said they would travel again at some point, but 22% said they would only take another coach trip overseas once the vaccine is rolled out, and one in five reported that they would not take another one even then.

For those who have never taken a coach or day trip, a heartening total of 72% reported that they would consider one in the future, including 23% who would consider it with a vaccine and 14% who would consider it once there had been 3 months of problem-free operation.

The report is available here

And here’s a link to the video of the launch event
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