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COVID-19 Update 13th October 2020

. The three main issues that have come through so far are:

  • Support for businesses inside Very High Alert areas that are not legally required to close but will effectively be unable to operate
  • Support for travel and transport businesses that rely on moving people in or out of VHA areas
  • The legal position of businesses outside a VHA area that cancel a booking from a customer from inside the area (and when people outside a VHA cancel a booking inside the area) seeing that the travel restrictions are only guidance.
  • Detail Guidance for New Alert Levels

The Government has published detailed guidance for each of the new Covid Alert Levels. For each alert level the Guidance covers:

  • Meeting family and friends
  • Visiting other venues, including shops, restaurants, pubs and places of worship
  • Protecting people more at risk from coronavirus
  • Businesses and venues
  • Going to work
  • Going to school, college and university
  • Childcare
  • Visiting relatives in care homes
  • Travel
  • Weddings, civil partnerships, religious services and funerals
  • Sport and physical activity
  • Moving home
  • Financial support

It is worth noting that, for VHA areas, there is base guidance and then there is also Area-specific guidance. So the Guidance for Liverpool comprises the HVA area guidance and also the Liverpool VHA guidance.

Medium Alert Level

High Alert Level

                Very High Alert Level

                Liverpool VHA Area

  • Alert Level Posters

There is also a series of posters that correspond to each on the Alert Levels/ You can print these off for staff and/or customers or even add them to your website to inform people of the situation in your area. There are also a really good aide memoire so you don’t have to constantly refer to the more detailed guidance above.

  • Coronavirus Postcode Tracker

The Government has launched a postcode tracker where you can enter any postcode and it will tell you the Alert level of the area and provide a link through to the guidance for that alert level. If you ender a postcode for Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, you will be directed to the landing page for Coronavirus control in these administrations. This will be very handy for business checking as to whether customers are coming from VHA areas (visitors from MA and HA areas are still allowed to travel outside their area on holidays).

  • DCMS Select Committee Evidence Session – 14th Oct

The DCMS Select Committee is holding an evidence session tomorrow morning with Oliver Dowden. The session will focus on the effectiveness of the Treasury’s Winter Economy Plan in supporting industries under DCMS’s responsibility. The session starts at 9:30am tomorrow morning and can be viewed live on the following link


  • Guidance Updated as a Result of the New Alert Levels

The Government has update a wide range of guidance so that it aligns with the guidance for the new alert levels. The changes are generally small and either link to the new alert guidance or encourage the use of the NHS app.

Guidance for Managing Beaches, Countryside and Coastal Destinations

Guidance on Managing Playgrounds and Outdoor Gyms

Guidance on managing Community Facilities

Guidance on Safer Travel

  • Local Authority Regulatory Powers Guidance Updated

The Government has updated the statutory guidance for Local Authorities on how to exercise the powers in the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.3) Regulations 2020 that come into force on 18 July 2020. This legislation enables local authorities to:

  • restrict access to, or close, individual premises
  • prohibit certain events (or types of event) from taking place
  • restrict access to, or close, public outdoor places (or types of outdoor public places)

The guidance on examples of premises which would form part of “essential infrastructure” has been updated to read:

  • any facility or setting which produces, manufactures, distributes or sells food other than food retailers smaller than 280sqm; individual hospitality settings. Where safe and feasible, delivery takeaway options should be allowed to continue operating. In smaller towns and villages, local authorities should ensure the exercise of this power does not prevent residents from accessing core food supplies

  • Covid Fraud Hotline

The Government has launched a COVID Fraud Hotline in response to concerns that some people are illegally targeting COVID stimulus schemes. The hotline number is 0800 587 5030 and is open 24/7. Alternatively, there is a form can be completed on online on a dedicated website
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