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Travlaw Euro 2024 Fantasy Football League!

You are cordially invited to join our Travlaw Euro 2024 Fantasy Football League!

See if you can better Team Travlaw’s football knowledge by picking a team and leading them to glory in this summer’s European Championships. The tournament starts on Friday 14th, and we here at Travlaw Towers cannot wait!

Simply click here to create your team FOR FREE on the UEFA website, and see if your footie knowledge outstrips Travlaw!
UEFA are also offering the opportunity to win hundreds of prizes including a trip to Qatar, by finishing top of their overall leaderboard! So if you think you know your stuff, join us! Once you have made your team please join the Travlaw league. You can join the league via the joining link below or by using the security code.

  • Joining link here
  • Code: MvMF4r

You can learn more re the rules here, but the basic rules are:

  • You must pick a squad of 15 players (2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards).
  • You have a budget of €100m to spend.
  • You cannot pick more than 3 players from one country. The amount of players you can have from each team changes as we get further into the tournament because in the final there will obviously only be 2 teams to pick from.
  • You score points when your players “do well”, i.e. one of your players scores a goal or your goal keeper keeps a clean sheet.  All of the point scoring can be found in the full rules above.

You can make as many transfers as you like before the tournament starts on Friday 14th June, but then you get 2 transfers per ‘Matchday’ during the group stages.  If you make more than the allocated transfers you get 4 points deducted from your score for every additional transfer you make.  The amount of transfers you are allowed increases after each round, i.e. you get 5 transfers before the final. There are 7 match days (1st group stage games, 2nd group stage games, 3rd group stage games, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final).  You also get unlimited transfers after the group stage has finished, so if you pick 3 Netherlands players and they go out in the group stages, you can replace them without having points deducted from your score.

Finally if you feel so moved, we are still fundraising for Fareshare Yorkshire so if you can spare anything at all, please feel free to donate using the link below – we think it’s a brilliant cause, and we’d be tremendously grateful;

Thanks, and enjoy the summer!
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