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Shadows of Empire: Taking Tea at Preston Manor

Shadows of Empire: Taking Tea at Preston Manor

Friday 24, Saturday 25, & Sunday 26 May
Slots available between 12pm – 2pm & 2pm – 4pm

Saturdays & Sundays from 1 June to 27 October
Slots available between 11am & 4pm

Admission: £20 (the ticket price includes a souvenir guide and a cup of tea) members £15, book in advance. Age 12+

Dying for a cuppa? From theft to drug smuggling to war, the history of tea holds shocking secrets.

This new interactive experience unwraps the story through hands-on interactive puzzles, previously unseen images and curios including the newly restored mechanical Edwardian Dream Machine.

Discover how past inhabitants and guests of Preston Manor enjoyed their cuppas oblivious to the human cost of teatime.

Thought-provoking with challenging adult themes including addiction, the experience concludes with a sit-down cup of tea in a real Victorian Kitchen.

Please note: this exhibition deals with adult themes, including addiction.

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