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The AGTO represents those persons who are actively engaged with group travel arrangements for members of their organisations. To enable us to operate
effectively, promote and meet the fundamental objectives of the organisation and ensure that you gain the most out of your membership it is necessary for
us to enter your details (name, address, e-mail address and telephone number) will be entered on the AGTO database which will then be made exclusively
available to our Members and Associate Members so that they may contact you to discuss group travel and, in the case of Associate Members, to contact
you regarding their services. It is a legitimate interest of AGTO to collect and share your details in this way and to facilitate mutual correspondence between
Members and Associate Members in order to assist all members of our organisation to work together sharing such information in this way is therefore
a condition of membership. By completing the Events section below it will help supplier members to only send you relevant literature and information.

Please note, we require our Associate Members to include unsubscribe buttons on all email communications.

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We require the names of two Companies you have previously used when arranging your travel and leisure activities.

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By signing you are confirming that any data you obtain from the AGTO will be held securely and will be adequately protected at all times, in
compliance with the requirements of current GDPR legislation. You further confirm that you will only use and process that data in compliance with the
GDPR and that under no circumstances will any such be passed to or otherwise shared with a third party.
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