Central Branch

Central Branch covers a total of fifteen counties:

Lincolnshire                Nottinghamshire         Derbyshire        
Staffordshire              Rutland                         Leicestershire     
Northamptonshire      Oxfordshire                Worcestershire     
Herefordshire              Powys                           Ceredigion               
West Midlands            Shropshire                   Warwickshire


Central Branch Mission Statement

To attract and support new Group Travel Organisers and Trade Members, whilst adding continuing value to existing members, by facilitating networking and best practice based on the Nationally defined criteria.

         Providing Value to Organisers       

         Providing Value to Associate and Intermediate members

         Facilitate the networking of all parties          

         Providing clarity of legislation and rules when organising trips


Central Branch Committee

        Pauline Johnson (Chairman/Minute Secretary)

        Julia Passmore (Secretary & Board Director)

        Keith Prince (Treasurer)

        Sue Day (Committee Member)

        Stuart Parker (Committee Member)

        Lesley McDermott (Committee Member) 



Central Branch Membership

The Central Branch has approximately 80 members who in turn arrange holidays and visits for thousands of members of their groups. AGTO Members have the opportunity to experience familiarisation events that are organised by the Central Branch Committee. Normally, there are four such events per year and information is sent to each Member well in advance of the event. From these, Members can gain valuable information on how to structure their own group events as well as to share their own experiences with one another.

Attached to each of these events is a short Branch Meeting at which the Committee report to Members on matters connected with the Branch and gain comments and suggestions for future activities from them. A further source of valuable information and ideas comes from articles in the Branch Newsletter. This is published four times per year and principally contains information provided by Members.                

Future Branch Meetings and Familiarisation Events



Medical and Next of Kin Forms for Group Visits

A copy of a useful form to be completed by those taking part in visits is available. It outlines information that could be essential in an emergency. If Members are interested in the form, then please make contact below.

To contact the Central Branch please click here